In the bright-red over-sized coat, she ______________________ (看上去有点滑稽).

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  • In last year's play, she wore a bright red dress and long black stockings
  • How much is the red coat?
  • Your coat is red, ( ) is blue. (Fill the blank with a proper word.)
  • She likes red color especially ___________.
  • But she was a tough person and always looked on the bright side of things.
  • I like this green coat better, and I personally think the red one does not _____ with that green one.
  • The autumn air felt ____ so she went to fetch a coat for her son.
  • She was grinding her teeth and saying this over and over again when she heard her mother come out on the veranda with someone.
  • In the movie, Anne was a bright and charming teenager, and her parents believed she __________ become a great writer.
  • She has had her fridge _________ over 60 years.